backstreet boys

Nick Carter First Hit the Bottle at Age 2
Remember how Backstreet Boy Nick Carter fingered Paris Hilton for his partying problems? Turns out, the hotel heiress may not be to blame for his issues after all, considering Carter started boozing when he was still in diapers. Seriously.
Ultimate Boy Band Mashup!
I'm pretty sure it's not so much a secret anymore, that I am a lover of all things boy band.  I'm so thankful (get it! Cause tomorrow is Thanksgiving!) Anyways I'm so thankful for bands like One Direction and The Wanted, because they're bringing the boy bands back. …
New Kids on the Backstreet Boyz II Men
If that headline didn't grab your attention, then you were not a fan of 90's pop music!
It's no secret that New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys have been on tour and collaborating musically.  What WAS a surprise (at least to the NKOTBSB concertgoers in Orlando this past weekend) was that Boyz I…