331,038 Christmas Light Display New Guiness World Record [VIDEO]
331,038. That's the number of individual light bulbs that David and Janean Richards used on their Christmas light display. It is also the new Guiness World Record for the most lights on a residential property. They used 97,211 feet of LED strings, 15,000 cable ties and a 59-foot light-cont…
Nude Olympics In Australia
Over 500 athletes will compete in traditional Olympic events like the marathon and the 100-meter dash, as well as nude Olympic exclusive events like the best butt competition and conga lines.
Jesus Appears on Pizza, Quickly Sells on eBay
We all know that swiss cheese is holy, but it's the mozzarella that topped a pizza in Australia's Posh Pizza that has everyone whispering, "Holy Cheesus!"
Pizza maker Maree Phelan said she topped the pizza with cheese as usual, threw it in the oven and discovered the face …