Kat Opens Up About Being Bullied As A Teen
I've been struggling for nearly a month to find the courage to tell you my story as a bullied teen. I've received several messages through social media from parents who are dealing with their children being bullied. I think it's time I find that courage.
‘Bully’ Is Coming To Evansville Theaters
I wrote a few weeks ago about an upcoming documentary called Bully. At that time, I wasn't sure that it was going to make a showing in Evansville, even though I felt (and still feel) like this is the ONE movie that everyone should see.
Bully Releases In Select Theaters – Demand It In Evansville
The Bully Project.
This upcoming film has created quite a lot of interest before it has even made its way into theaters. Originally the Motion Picture Associating of America (MPAA) was rating Bully as 'R'-rated which would limit the audience to over the age of 17. Unfortunately, the audience that REA…