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Nino’s FREE App of the Week – Tip N Split Tip Calculator
Earlier today, my wife took me out to lunch at Shyler's to get some RIIIIIIIIBS (thanks honey)! The food was good, we had a good time, and I got to use my new TIP N SPLIT Tip Calculator app! We have a lot of home cooked meals and it's rare that my wife and get a chance to get out, let alon…
Nino’s FREE App of the Week – TiKL Touch To Talk
This week's FREE App of the Week is the TiKL Touch to Talk app. This app turns your ordinary smartphone in to a virtual Walkie Talkie! Not only can you talk you someone directly at just the push of the button, you can send text, picture, and video messages!
Nino’s FREE App of the Week – CONNECT 4
If you're like me, I'm sure you spend a lot of downtime tapping away on your smartphone either watching a movie, listening to music (with the radioPup app of course), or playing FREE games! My wife has an Android tablet and she recently download this Connect 4 game app, and I must admit, I…