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…And Then There Were Five on American Idol
Last night, judges Keith, Jennifer, and Harry made the final save in all of "American Idol" history narrowing the field of competition from six to five as we enter the last MONTH EVER for the once seemingly unstoppable music/competition show franchise.
The Rob’s American Idol Recap
I can't get over the fact that after FIFTEEN years of television dominance and (usually) immeasurable popularity, American Idol is down to its final FOUR episodes EVER!  Nevertheless, the field of eight contestants was narrowed down to just six last night as Idol enters…
American Idol Gets Down to Final 8 Contestants
Believe it or not, there are only FIVE more weeks left for American Idol...  Forever!  Thursday night, Harry, Keith, and Jennifer narrowed the field from the top 10 to the elite 8!  Here is what I thought about each performance:
5 Things That Need to End in 2016
The New Year is an opportunity wipe the slate clean and start fresh. An opportunity to put to rest the things in our lives that caused us stress, grief, gastrointestinal anguish, or whatever. With that said, to say the following five things caused me any of those emotions would be a stretch. They ar…
FOX Ending ‘American Idol,’ Final Season Bows in 2016
Now that Upfronts 2015 have entered the scheduling phase, we thought most of the major renewals, cancellations and pickups had delivered their biggest surprises. Not so apparently, as FOX has decided to put American Idol out to pasture after 15 seasons, ending the reality singing competition for goo…

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