Adele is Pregnant! Boy or Girl? [POLL]
Submit your answer on whether Adele will have a boy or girl and give your suggestions for a name and we'll see if Mommy Adele's likes any of them! Keep in mind that Adele's last name is Adkins so it should probably be a name that goes well with that. I don't know what her baby da…
Adele Meets Metal, a Cover for Everyone!
So I found this guy on youtube, and well it's safe to say I've pretty much got a new addiction, and it's definitely his videos! You know, you can only hear so many cover songs before they all become very generic, UNTIL someone puts an amazing twist on them such as this guy!
Big Boy VS Adele Someone Like You (Remix) [ROBCAST]
I actually get requests to replay this segment very frequently.  It's from our very first morning show, from September 13th, back when "Someone Like You" was actually "new music."  Big Boy had just picked up Adele's 21 album, and we were playin…

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