With summer here, every dog owner in the Tristate is out walking with their dogs, but are you doing it right?

Photo: Facebook/TakesAVillage

I saw a Facebook post from a friend of mine this week, and it really upset me. She was out walking one of her dogs, on a leash... someone else who was out had their dog off leash. Dog #2 comes running up to my friend and her leashed dog. This can be a recipe for disaster for a number of reasons!

Why to put a leash on Fido:

  1. Most of cities & counties in the Tristate have leash laws. This is a law for a reason.
  2. Not all dogs are dog friendly.
  3. Even a dog friendly pooch can get spooked or scared and react badly when rushed quickly by a strange dog.
  4. Not everyone is comfortable with dogs. Maybe they've never been around them or maybe they had a bad experience that has scarred them for life.
  5. Did I mention there are leash laws for a reason?

Next time you head out with your four-legged friend, no matter how "friendly & nice" your dog may be, put a leash on. For your dogs safety, and the safety of others.