In a world where not all of your problems can be solved with a joke, if you have a 30-minute window of time, it’s good to know you can still sit down and at least forget about them for a while. Who doesn’t enjoy watching their favorite characters get in over-the-top predicaments?  Is Jack Tripper (Three's Company) going to fix his two-dates-at-the-same-time problem? What are the Huxtables (The Cosby Show) or the Tanners (Full House) getting themselves into this week? Are Leonard and Penny (The Big Bang Theory) going to cohabitate?  As viewers, these are all concerns we have over the course of watching our favorite shows. Here are the top five shows I watched back then and can still enjoy to this day.

5. Seinfeld

The show about nothing. This show featured close friends creating and going through some of the worst scenarios. It brought humor to everyday situations, like what you do while waiting to be seated at a restaurant, handling relationships with your parents, and  many others.

4. Roseanne

This show was based off of the stand-up comedy of Rosanne Barr and centered on the life of the Conner family. It was the first show to make real life seem funny, yet dealt with some pretty serious topics like teenage depression and abuse. This show would be even higher on my list, had it not for them ruining the father's character, Dan, in the last years of the show.

3. Scrubs

This show followed the crew in the Intensive Care Unit at Sacred Heart Hospital and featured the real and dream world of John, J.D. Dorian, the show's main character. Being a bit of a daydreamer myself, I closely relate to this character, outside the ten years of medical training. I’m often caught drifting off to a place inside my head, like having a bromance with my best friend. And I just may be a little over sensitive, much like J.D.

2. Friends

Following the lives of six friends in New York was the basis for this comedy. It had everything you could ask for: hot women, the coolest friends, and ran the gauntlet of emotions for those watching. The closest of friends, they always had each other's back, and in the same breath, could crack jokes at one another's expense. This show mixed the best moments of comedy and heartfelt sentiment. Any fan of this show had the one character they identified with the most. For me, it was Ross!

1. The Andy Griffith Show

This show told the story of a small-town sheriff and his dealings with a bumbling deputy, his family, and the surrounding community. The humor in this show still stands up to today’s comedic standards. It always gave strong life lessons without being over-the-top cheesy like other well-liked sitcoms. I can sit down at any point and watch an episode or two. Love it!


I've been pretty open and honest about not being a fan of sitcoms in general, however there are a few that I think could be brought back with a level of success. The first is Full House. For some reason, over the past two years or so, society's interest in that show has skyrocketed despite being off the air for nearly twenty years. The cast has been reuniting is some high-profile situations, most notably a Super Bowl commercial for Dannon Oikos Yogurt.

Additionally, I've been watching the TV series from start to finish throughout the past seven months, and can tell you with strong certainty that show still "holds up" as being funny. Secondly, while interest in Full House has been reborn, interest in Seinfeld has never died. The show has actually stayed relevant for the fifteen years it's been in syndication, and I think America has been thirsting for another season of Seinfeld. Also worth noting is they also had a Super Bowl commercial this year which was very well received. And also a very honorable mention to one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, Married... With Children.


The Wonder Years were amazing as well. I loved getting a look into the lives of Kevin, Paul and Winnie. I would love to see what life is like now. Is Winnie an accomplished business woman or a stay at home mom to six kids? Is Paul a neurosurgeon or a pizza delivery guy? The possibilities are endless, and I would love a glimpse into their lives now.