New Years Eve is a fun time when we like to get together with friends to ring in the new year, and celebrate a new beginning.  All too often though we hear about NYE tragedies occurring.  NYE is a big party holiday, and with partying a lot of times comes alcohol, and of course the classic champagne toast at the strike of midnight.  Which all of that is fine, it's what you decide to do about being safe that matters.

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Road crews and emergency crews all gear up for NYE because it tends to be one of their busiest nights of the year.  And this year there is snow predicted to move in making roads even more hazardous.  So you factor in alcohol and bad roads, and it just makes for one big problem.

Luckily though Woods And Woods have teamed up with Unity Taxi once again this year to provide free cab rides home.  Unity will be providing their annual Safe Ride Home service between 11pm tonight at 3am tomorrow morning. They are also gearing up for the snow.  If you think you will be needing a safe ride home be sure to give them a call 421-9999 put that in your phone yo!!

Drinking and driving is one thing that I am very against.  It's stupid.  It's something that could be prevented so easily, especially now thanks to Woods And Woods and Unity taxi.  There's no excuse for it.  You have a free ride home waiting for you all you have to do is pick up the phone.

Sorry, I'll be removing myself from my soap box now.

Anyways all of the serious stuff aside, I hope you have a fantastic new year and are able to ring in 2013 with friends and family!

Happy New Year!