Looks like former Tennessee Titans and current St. Louis Rams head coach, Jeff Fisher had a bit of free time in the offseason.

Just before taking the job with the Rams, Fisher agreed to play the villain in the new video from southern rock band, Goodbye June. A band who got there start in Bloomington, Indiana before packing up and moving on to the bright lights and big city that is Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Profootballtalk.com, the video, which is mostly shot on farmland Fisher owns in Tennessee, centers around Fisher and his partner chasing the band after one member unknowingly misses the trash can with a napkin after leaving a convenience store. Apparently, Fisher's cigar-smoking lawman character don't take too kindly to strangers litterin' up his town and proceeds to go after the band in what is actually a pretty stellar car chase scene. The whole thing culminates in a epic woodland shootout with the coach brandishing what appears to be some type of machine gun.

And the song's not half bad either.