If you're like me, when I first heard there was a hologram Tupac my first thought was, how did they make a hologram?   And then after seeing the video, I felt like I was in an episode of Star Trek or something.  But now, I've got some information on how exactly this "hologram" worked. 

According to the FW The "hologram Tupac" wasn't exactly a hologram (I know disappointing, right?) But the way they made it work was still pretty freakin' cool.   What it was, was a 2D image reflected onto glass.  (Okay so maybe it wasn't as cool as I said it would be, but it's something I would have never been able to figure out on my own.

John Steinmeyer is an illusion expert, and he gave this quote to the Wall Street Journal

The effect was first used in an 1862 dramatization of Charles Dickens’ novella ‘The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain,’ staged at the Royal Polytechnic Institute in London. The effect relies on an angled piece of glass in which a “ghostly” image is reflected. “A piece of glass can be both transparent and reflective at the same time, depending on how it’s situated relative to the audience,”

Now apparently back then the reflection of the Charles Dickens character was an actual actor, but Tupac was a computer generated image that was projected onto the glass.  So there you have it! How to create a "hologram" Sorry if I shattered the illusion for you.  It shattered the illusion for me too.

Who else would you like to see them make a "hologram" of?  I'd love to see a Michael Jackson or Kurt Cobain one!