So Didja Hear…  The Rob Comments on Current Events (3/21/11)

So Didja Hear...

…Chris Brown told MTV he’s disappointed his nude photo got out? Most celebrities aren’t thrilled when pictures of their private parts are all over the internet.  However, Chris Brown is one of the few that should be thrilled.

…Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend? I love this.  And just like Usher’s ex-wife and Tiger’s ex-wife, she’ll expect us to feel sorry for her when he’s unfaithful.  I urge everybody not to.  Don’t feel bad when any celebrity wife or girlfriend gets cheated on.  Why do you think they’re with them in the first place?  These aren’t classy ladies.

…Rebecca Black (that 13 year old who sings that “Friday” song) was on Good Morning America pleading for Justin Bieber to duet with her? Oh man.  Get ready for their hit single “Most Annoying Song Ever.”