The ceremonial first pitch. Usually reserved for a celebrity or someone with celebrity-like status (a local hero, someone who has overcome adversity, etc.), the event is not intended to be a display of athleticism. More times than not, it does nothing more than put the "pitcher's" lack of athleticism on display. Some are more memorable than others, while some are remembered more for what happens before or after the pitch. Snoop Dogg's pitch before a Chicago White Sox home game on Wednesday night falls into the latter category.

Sporting dreads as opposed to his typical dual-pony tail look, Snoop took the mound before decked out in bright, white Sox jersey, mirrored shades, and custom Chicago White Sox beads.

Truth be told, his form isn't half bad. He keeps the ball behind his back as he brushes off the rubber, then steps into a throw that would only be a strike in recreational softball. But it's not the pitch itself that could land this first pitch on a most memorable list, it's the Snoop Dogg-style showmanship as he gives an homage to both Olympic runner, Usain Bolt, and the New York Jets newest quarterback, Tim Tebow.