This picture will definitely make your day.

In Boise Idaho a mom and her 8-month old son Kiptyn waited in line to meet Santa in a crowded mall.  After about 30 minutes Kiptyn was fast asleep.  Kiptyn's mom was about ready to give up and head home when the mall Santa had a much better idea.

Kiptyn is now over a year old.  That photo was taken last christmas and is just now starting to become an internet favorite.  Kiptyn's mom told ' when she was asked about the viral photo "“I can’t even believe it! I mean, I loved the photo, but I didn’t expect other people to be so uplifted by it.”

About a week ago the babies clothing store Carter's was looking for pictures of kids meeting Santa for the first time.  Kiptyn's mom submitted his photo to the store's Facebook page and the rest is history. You can read more about Kiptyn's story here!