Change is inevitable, but why it keeps happening to things I like, I'll never understand.

First it was Barbecue Fritos, next came the demise of the best Easter candy ever concocted, Runts Freckled Eggs, now this. Although I didn't notice it until a recent trip down the candy aisle at Wal-Mart, someone at the Wrigley Company decided that the Skittles rainbow needed a shake up and replaced the lime pieces with green apple. Apparently, the wildly successful, tried and true formula of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape and Strawberry was no longer cutting it in the eyes of someone with the power to enact change.

When it comes to candy, outside of chocolate, anything tart or sour is my favorite. Not the unbearable, make your mouth pucker and your eyes water sour, but the kind of sour provided by, oh I don't know, something like LIME SKITTLES! Lime, and it's cousin lemon, mix well with just about everything, providing a nice one-two combo of sweet and tart. Green Apple however is like Canada. You know it's there, minding its own business, not doing anything wrong, or rocking the proverbial boat in any way, but for a reason you can't quite figure out, there's something about it you don't like.

Let's put it this way, which sounds better, strawberry and lime, or strawberry and green apple? Lemon-lime, or  lemon-green apple? Just the sound of those combinations sets off my gag reflex.

Turns out, I'm not the only one not pleased with the decision even though the change took place earlier this year. The official Skittles Facebook page has comments as recently as 20 minutes before I wrote this blog voicing disdain with the change.

(Official Skittle Facebook)

Hear that, Skittles? Green apple tastes like "llama dung!" (Wait, how would someone know that?) No matter, the point is, the majority of we Skittles lovers are not happy and we demand a return to the good ol' days where green meant lime and there was harmonic balance inside each and every bag of our beloved candy.

So what can we do? We unite and rise up the only way we know how these days, we create a hashtag on Twitter!

Step #1 - Rally the troops (that's you)

Join the fight, this assault on others deciding what flavors we want for us. Take this hashtag, #BringBackLimeSkittles, and blast it all over the Twittisphere (just made that up, pretty proud of myself). Together, the voice of many will outweigh the power of few (I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it sounded good in my head).

Step #2 - Kill 'Em with Kindness

We must tread lightly initially. We don't want to bombard them with a ton of hate tweets right off the bat, or we'll be ignored quickly. We must, at least in the beginning, rationalize with them, treat them with respect, and not appear as we are "talking down" to them. Earn their trust, if you will. 

(Ryan O'Bryan / Twitter)

Step two will continue until it is deemed ineffective. In the event that occurs, we will regroup, and consider more strongly worded tweets. Wherever the fight takes us, we must never let #BringBackLimeSkittles die! Tweet it often. Let them know we refuse to back down until our voice is heard!

You have your orders, no get out there and fight the good fight.