You may or may not have heard of One Million Moms. They are an advocacy group that has spoken out on a lot of issues that they believe to more or less be morally corrupt. They have now taken a stand against a Skittles commercial! Yes, the rainbow bite-sized candies! Rob & I were talking about this earlier this morning in the news, and I wanted to share the video with you.

Basically, the commercial features a young woman hanging out on the couch with "Bobby the Walrus." In walks what I assume is the young woman's roommate, and apparently "Bobby's" girlfriend, who of course wants to know why her "boyfriend" is with another woman. Then it gets weird! The tag line for the commercial, which is intended to promote mismatched color-flavor combos in the tasty little candies, is "Taste the Rainbow. Deceive the Rainbow." I guess the tasting & deception is implied by the odd paring of woman and beast.

One Million Moms is an advocacy group who police and watchdog the media. was begun to give moms an impact with the decision-makers and let them know we are upset with the messages they are sending our children and the values (or lack of them) they are pushing.

Our goal is to stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media (TV, music, movies, etc.). Mom, is the most powerful tool you have to stand against the immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity the entertainment media is throwing at your children. It is time to fight back!

In there stance against Skittles, it's parent company Wrigley Co., and Mars Inc. they are claiming that the new Skittles commercial promotes and makes light of bestiality.

Skittles Marketing Team may have thought this was humorous, but not only is it disgusting, it is taking lightly the act of bestiality.

Now, I've seen the commercial. Is it gross? Sure. Does it make an impact for the product it's trying to sell? Absolutely. Do I think it promotes bestiality? Nope. Not one bit - and I'm a mom! Will I be trying the new Skittles? Probably not, but I won't be protesting their new commercial any time soon.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Is it ok for Prime Time television? Should it be taken off the air all together? Are One Million Moms overreacting?