Since the tornado that ripped through Evansville's east side and parts of Newburgh in the overnight hours of November 5th, 2005, we here in the tri-state are understandably on edge when the threat of late night severe weather is in the forecast.

Unfortunately, late night severe weather is in our forecast for later tonight. And I could sit here and try to tell you what's in store for us, but I figured it would sound better coming from someone who actually studies weather and knows what they're talking about. Which is why I called News 25 meteorologist Scott Dimmich and talked to him. I asked Scott about the intensity of this particular line of storms and he said,

"Within that main line, there will be storms that produce damaging straight line winds and large hail. And some individual cells within that line may produce tornados."

Check out the audio below for Scott's complete assessment of what we could be in for later tonight and for complete coverage on tonight's severe weather threat, be sure to check out News 25 throughout the day.