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Beyonce’s Mi Gente Lyrics Translated
I like the new J Balvin/Willy William/Beyonce song Mi Gente, but like most people who don't speak fluent Spanish, I had NO idea what they were singing.
She Shed Giveaway with DC Metal Sales
Here are some of the pics from the DC Metal Sales She Shed Giveaway at the Franklin Street Library on Evansville's West side. CONGRATULATIONS to our WINNERS! I'm sure they'll make GREAT use of that new addition.
Nino’s Movie Review – WONDER WOMAN
FINALLY got a chance to check out the latest installment of the DC Universe Justice League Saga - WONDER WOMAN! Check out my review...(SPOILER ALERT!)
Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Father's Day is tomorrow and if you still haven't decided what to get the Dad in your life or you're just running a little low on cash, here are some affordable last minute gift ideas!

New Grill Tools - Most Dad's like to grill out on Father's Day and it's always pretty cool to break in a new set of …
Two Nino’s? Simple Ways to Prevent Identity Theft
Yesterday I discovered that someone had hacked my PayPal account from Europe and tried to charge 10£ (14.42 USD) on a monthly recurring basis! Had I not been checking my back account like I do on the regular, they might have gotten away with it...
Turn UP the Thermostat? – Summer Energy Saving Tips
It's gettin' HOT outside and people are starting to reluctantly turn on their A/C in order to beat the heat! But if you don't want your energy bill to go through the roof, here are some energy saving and cooling tips to help keep a few bucks in your pocket according to Vectren...
How to Shop For Dad For Father’s Day
Father's Day is Sunday, June 18th and if you're struggling to figure out what to get Dad, here are a few tips you help out!
First, know what KIND of Dad you are shopping for. Dad's usually fall into one or more of the following categories...
What Playing VR Looks Like in REAL Life
Recently I've been playing VR (Virtual Reality) games on my PS4 and they can really suck you in the virtual world make you feel like you are actually IN the game. But it make me wonder, what do I look like in the REAL WORLD when I'm playing...
Season Finale Mixed Reactions
Millions of people were anxiously awaiting the season finales of some big shows this season and got exactly what they hope for while others were disappointed in the end.
The Walking Dead Season 7 finale has been receiving mixed emotions since its season finale in April while fans of shows like E…