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Just Say “No Thank You”
Recently, I offered someone some of the snack I was enjoying, and instead of just saying "No, thank you" she added on the extra story of WHY she didn't want any!
Mother Day DON’Ts!
Mother's Day is tomorrow and if you haven't gotten a gift for the mother in your life, you may find yourself in a bit of a scramble trying to find something at the last minute! If you DO find yourself in that situation, avoid coming home with a Mother's Day DON'T!
Nino’s Movie Review – ACRIMONY
If you're thinking about getting married you should probably check out Tyler Perry's ACRIMONY before you do. ACRIMONY is a definitely a movie about when everything before, during, and after a marriage goes horribly wrong!
Has Kanye OFFICIALLY Lost His Mind?
Kanye West has never been the bastion of common sense unless he was doing a song WITH Common but lately he's said some disturbing things that have got wondering HAS KANYE LOST HIS MIND!?
What’s Nino Watching Now – LOST IN SPACE (2018)
DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Reboots have seriously been making a comeback this year. Some good and some ... eh ... not so ... but this new version of the 1980's classic TV show LOST IN SPACE is definitely on the GOOD side!
Nino’s Movie Review – DEN OF THEIVES
Finally got a chance to check out DEN Of THIEVES starring Gerard Butler, O'shea Jackson, Jr., and 50 Cent and it was definitely worth the wait! Check out my review...
HCFU Home Show 2018 Pics
This year's HFCU Home Show featured some of any and everything you could ever need for your next Home Improvement or remodeling project! Just in case you missed it, here are some of the pictures from the show.
Kiddie Leashes – Good Idea?
Kiddie Leashes have suddenly begun to make a comeback and at first glance they might seem practical and sometimes event funny, but are Kiddie Leashes doing more harm than good in training a child?
HOOF Shoes - Would YOU Wear Them?
If you ever wanted the lifting style of a high heel but hate worrying about the heel getting stuck, breaking, or worse, twisting your ankle?
What’s Your FAVORITE Easter Candy?
Easter is fast approaching and the one thing l love most about it is still all the delicious candies that usually only come around this time of year!