Weather is a fascinating thing. Anytime it does something out of the ordinary, like dump a couple of inches of rain on one area in a short amount of time causing flash flooding, people like to whip out their cameras (or these days, smartphones) and snap a picture or two. If you're one of those people, we'd like to see your pics!

All you have to do is upload your pictures to Instagram and use the hashtag #EvvJuneFlood. I'll find them from there and feature them here on the website. Don't have Instagram? No worries, just e-mail them to me directly at

Here's one I took of the alley running behind the station in downtown Evansville just after 2pm on Monday, June 24th as another pocket of rain came pouring down for the umpteenth time. This is by the employee entrance on the backside of the building, and is what we have to walk through to get to our vehicles in the parking lot. Looks like I should have worn my Crocs today.

(Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)