This morning Kat and Big Boy had a disagreement regarding Timothy Poe and his place on "America's Got Talent."  He was the stuttering country singer who claimed to have developed his stutter when he saved one of his friends from a grenade blast in the war.


Last week, his wife whom he's currently going through a divorve with, spilled the beans saying his story was completely fabricated.  The military also allegedly claimed they have no record of Timothy Poe being injured in such a mannor.

Howie, Sharon, and Howard actually put him through to the next round in Las Vegas!  America's Got Talent has not made any official announcement one way or another as to whether or not Poe will be removed from the show.


Kat thinks this is disgusting and Poe should be kicked off of America's Got Talent, which I assume is how America feels as well.  Big Boy took a different view, pointing out that AGT is a game show, and this is his strategy.  Personally, I think they're both right.  I think he should be sent home for sucking more than anything else.


What do you think?