Fire has fascinated human beings since a caveman rubbed two sticks together. Some would even argue that it is mankind's greatest invention. There's something oddly appealing about fire. A simple flame at the end of candle can add ambiance to a room, while a raging fire (which started as a simple flame) can destroy anything in its path.

I think it's that last reason that leads to people's fascination. There's a danger element to it. Yes, that candle on the end table makes the whole house smell like Strawberry Shortcake farted in your living room, but get it too close to the curtains and you're in trouble.

Once people learned that certain chemicals can cause fire to expand or contract, it opened a whole new dimension. The ability to control the uncontrollable gave more artistic-minded people a unique stage in which to express themselves. The Evansville Fire Family being a good example.

Watching fire-breathers in slow motion really shows the potential danger with this particular form of art. It's amazing how close the flames get to their face as the fire grasps for more accelerant to latch onto.