Despite what you may think, they are made from actual potatoes. Crispy, salty, delicious potatoes.

Say what you will about Mickey D's, but when it comes to French Fries, in my opinion, there are few, if any, who can hold a candle to deep-fried potato-stick masterpieces. As the father of an eight and six year old, I have had more than my fair share of trips to the golden arches, but even when the kids aren't with me, I'll find my self craving McDonald's French Fries. They're one of the few fast food fries I prefer to eat without ketchup. My mouth is actually watering right now just thinking about them.

But what's the secret to turning simple potatoes into a cardboard sleeve of golden deliciousness? Turns out, it's not all that complicated. There goes my theory's of magic elves, and Ronald McDonald selling his soul to the devil.

The video below takes you step-by-step through the process McDonald's uses in the great white north that is Canada. I can only assume the process is similar, if not identical, here in the states.