There was a time, about a decade or so ago, that I really could have used this!

There is nothing like a girls night out with your friends! The right outfit, the perfect hair & make-up, and cocktails for everyone... Everything is great, until you wake up the next morning feeling like that chick in the movie Alien... only it's your head, not your stomach, that the baby alien life-form is trying to crawl out of.

Aw, yes. The hangover... In varying degrees, the hangover is as simple as a light pounding across the front of your head, or the dreaded 3 day hangover. This is the one that it literally takes you 3 days to fully recover from... No light. No sounds. No stimulus of ANY kind for fear of your head just dropping off of your body.

The guys or 'scientists' in this video claim to have perfected the hangover cure. It appears that an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, however after more hangovers than I wish to admit to... the best advice that I can give you is this: Know your limit. Drink in moderation. Just because the girls your out with can drink like ex-Marines, doesn't mean you have to too.