We've all experienced some strange occurrences... something that left us feeling scared, creeped out, or otherwise just uncomfortable. Suze shared her story about an apartment that may have been too good to be true...

After being inspired by something I had seen online, I shared my very own scary story, and then I asked you to share your stories. Suze sent in her scary story, and I would like to share it with you.


Suze wrote:

Just prior to our marriage, we signed the lease for an upstairs apartment in an old Victorian house. It was so charming, it was a hard deal to resist, and the rent was around $100 a month. A VERY reasonable rent for that particular town. We couldn't believe our good fortune, but soon realized why no one stayed longer than a year and why the rent was so reasonable.


Early on, I always felt there was someone there besides me. I was flat out afraid to stay in the apartment by myself - especially on cold windy nights that were common on the shores of Lake Michigan. Lights would go on and off without any visible hand nearby. Plants placed on window ledges would be moved elsewhere while we were gone. Worse, no matter how high the thermostate was set, the apartment would be so cold that I'd be bundled under blankets nearly year round. Even in summer, it wasn't unusual to feel a chilled breeze pass by.

Then there was the bed. Upon making the bed, it wasn't long before the outline of a person sitting on the edge of the bed appeared. Lumpy mattress? Hardly! We were newly weds with a brand new bedroom set! Other odd things happened, like noises that couldn't be explained. As time went on, I began to hear the mumblings of conversation, as though it was taking place just in the next room. A quick look would show no one there. A check downstairs would often show the family living there were out visiting relatives.

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The morning finally came that as my alarm went off and I opened my eyes, there before me were two women and a man! The women were dressed in black Civil War era dresses and sobbing. The man wore a dark suit and held a stove pipe hat in his hands. They appeared to be in mourning. I'll tell you what! Seeing those figures at 6 AM was nothing short of terrifying! I didn't understand. Worse, they appeared to see ME! They looked as startled as I'm sure I did! As soon as they saw me, they faded away.


After that, I'd see the same scene several times a week. The figures would be as solid as someone actually standing there in that room. Upon their seeing me, they always faded. Looking into the history of that house, I soon learned the Victorian house was actually a late comer on the property. At one time, the property was part of a larger farm and the house we rented was built near the footprint of the original home, which turned out to belong to a wealthy family. Their son was killed in the Civil War, and like other wealthy families of the time, they could afford to have the body shipped home for the funeral and burial.

Our lease ended after a year, and I couldn't move fast enough! We bought a house several miles away. Unfortunately, that house was built near a cemetery - and it wasn't long before I was seeing a child running from room to room. I'd follow, only to find no child in the empty room. At that point, I gave up and simply asked the spirit to leave us in peace and we'd do the same in return. I'd still periodically see the child, and my children took turns playing with the young boy. It turned out, he'd actually once lived in the very house we'd bought and died there. I stayed in that house over 30 years before saying goodbye to that town, that house and the spirits residing there. I now live in a very quiet home. Nothing goes bump in the night - except the cats chasing mice.


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