Remember those cute little Beanie Babies that people seemed to obsess over? Apparently the obsession isn't quite over. I knew these things were collector items years ago, but I figured by now everyone was over them. I figured I'd go ahead and try to get rid mine. I literally had hundred of these things growing up, & for some reason, I still have them. So I took a look on Ebay to see what they were going for. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Remember the Princess Diana Beanie Baby? EVERYONE had her! (or two or three.) She seems to be worth the most:


And then there is the Peace bear. He seems to be a hot item too.


Last but not least, check out how much Valentino is going for...


I don't know what the chances of someone actually getting thousands of dollars for a Beanie Baby could be, because there are lots for sale at a much lower price. But it's kind of cool to think that something you have had buried in storage for the past ten years could be worth so much.