It's amazing to me how easy it is to get lost in YouTube . You know how it goes, you stop by to find a highlight from your favorite show (or whatever) and the next thing you know, you're watching a video of a cat expressing shock as he discovers that (SPOILER ALERT!) Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

Today's trip to YouTube ended up being surprisingly productive. I stumbled across a music video for an old school hip-hop song I hadn't heard in years which led me to come up with an idea for a daily feature here on That idea would be "Ryan O'Bryan's Old School Jam of the Day" (hence the headline). I think the goal here is pretty self-explanitory. Each weekday, I will provide you with the video of an old school jam. This "old school jam" could be a song you hear us play from time to time on 106-1 KISS-FM, or, like today's submission, it could be one you haven't heard in years. Heck, it may not necessarily even be a hip-hop song. Now that you have the concept, I present to you today's entry...Young Black Teenagers.

These four ironically named young men (none of them are actually black) were composed of members Knowledgable Child, First Born, ATA, Tommy Never, and DJ Skribble. Their biggest hit, Tap the Bottle & Twist the Cap came from their 1993 sophomore album, Dead Enz Kids Doin' Lifetime Bidz. When you watch the video below, you'll see that it epitomizes everything about '90's hip-hop.

A ton of people in a party atmosphere...check


Puffy winter coats...check

One member of the group holding a baseball bat for no apparent reason...check

Chain link fence to represent their "hard" upbringing...check

Overhead camera angles...check

If you can look past the stereotypes that make it funny now, you'll find that this song actually does jam pretty hard. Take look and feel free to suggest any songs you'd like to see in future installments of "Ryan O'Bryan's Old School Jam of the Day".