She is woman. Hear her roar. And feel her kick.

The video below has been making its way around the 'net over the past few days and features a woman in Russia simply minding her business, messing with her phone, when a man comes around the corner and attempts to swipe her phone right out of her hand. What he clearly didn't plan on was the retaliation he would receive.

After grabbing the phone, he attempts to make a quick exit only to get a smack across the back of the head by the purse-wielding victim. Instead of running away, the idiot turns around to confront the woman presumably to prove that he either won't let a woman smack him around, or perhaps to try and push her back to create enough distance to make a clean getaway. Unfortunately for him, a well placed kick sends him to his knees, while a second, impressive round house kick finds its mark on the side of his head.

You go girl.