This is one of those things that is so awesome it seems too good to be true.  The best show to come from the 90's in my opinion was 'Boy Meets World' it was such a good show that dealt with the issues of growing up while steering clear of being too cheesy or too comedic (even though the show was pretty funny).   I still watch Boy Meets World reruns and have some seasons on DVD.  So now you're thinking, how the heck will they make a sequel? Will there be any original characters ?  The answer to the second question is YES! Find out who inside!


Brenda Chase, Getty Images

According to this article I found on Disney is in the early stages of making 'Girl Meets World'.  They are negotiating with stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel better known as Cory and Topanga!`The new sequel series will follow the lives of Corey and Topanga now, and raising their preteen daughter.  Which makes a lot of sense since the show ended in 2000.

I think this could be great if done right, and open 'Boy Meets World' up to a new generation.  What do you think?!