Rolling Stone magazine began a mission to determine the reigning King of Hip-Hop.  However, they wanted to do it in a way in which personal preferences were put aside and statistics actually determined the dominant force in the genre.  Although Rolling Stone has been vague about their rating system, we do know that radio airplay, album sales, ticket sales, social media presence, youtube views, and critical reviews and awards were factored into the index.

It's hard to argue with their formula, too, because it appears relatively accurate.  While admittedly I'll disagree with a FEW names on their list, for the most part it's a pretty solid list, especially towards the top.  View the entire list, including their Hip-Hop Index "Score," HERE.  Here is their top 10:


King of Hip-Hop - Eminem


#2 - Lil Wayne


#3 - Drake


#4 - Kanye West


#5 - Jay-Z


#6 - Nicky Minaj


#7 - Rick Ross


#8 - Ludacris


#9 - Gucci Mane


#10 - T.I.