Judge The Rob renders a verdict...

Over the weekend, the lawsuits between the Robin Thicke camp and the Marvin Gaye camp got a lot of attention.  The long story short is that basically, those in charge of Marvin Gaye's estate have sued those behind the Robin Thicke song "Blurred Lines," maintaining it sounds too much like Gaye's "Gotta Give it Up."  Now supposedly, Thicke's camp is counter-suing the Gaye camp, and to be honest both lawsuits make me sad.


I've heard both tracks.  There are certainly similarities.  I've heard Robin Thicke interviewed and he has been open about being inspired by Marvin Gaye the artist, no song in particular.  I feel that Marvin Gaye's family is grasping at straws in this instance, and then I feel like the counter-suit is frivolous.  I feel that both songs are in the same vein, but no chord progression or any sort of intellectual property was lifted from Gaye.


I elaborate my thoughts in the attached audio from this morning's show, and play audio from both songs so you can hear for yourself.  Take a listen!