After an apparent and literal screw job by Comedy Central's sister-network, MTV, that prevented Daft Punk from performing on his show, Stephen Colbert's, Colbert Report nabs Robin Thicke fill the void left behind.

Colbert had been promoting Tuesday's annual "StePhest Colbchella" music fest-themed episode for a couple of weeks, touting a rare appearance by mysterious French DJ duo, Daft Punk as the headliner. However, during the show's opening segment, Colbert revealed that as of 2pm the day before, he was told that due to a contractual appearance at the upcoming Video Music Awards, MTV had exclusive rights to the group that somehow prevents them from appearing on another television program leading up to the VMA's.

In this world of ruse's for ratings, and general public cynicism, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that Daft Punk was never booked for the Report in the first place, but an article in the Wednesday edition of USA Today reports that's Colbert's story was on the up-and-up.

Colbert's aggravation with the last minute change of plans was evident as he explained the story on air, taking humorous jabs at both Daft Punk (whom he referred to as "Click and Clack") and head of MTV, Van Toffler, whom Colbert referred to as both "Van Wilder" and "Flan Cobbler" during the segment which also featured Stephen reading an e-mail from Toffler about the situation, which he claimed was not supposed to be read on the air.

In what I imagine was pure chaos behind the scenes of the Colbert Report after learning the main draw of their show wasn't coming 24 hours before they were supposed to appear, the crew somehow managed to grab Robin Thicke at the last minute, who came out of the audience to perform what Colbert deemed, "the song of the summer" for both personal and professional reasons, 'Blurred Lines'.

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