If you're a guy, you don't need an extra reason to stare at Rihanna's backside. But if for some reason you feel that you do, now you have one. Look closely at the cover of this week's edition of Rolling Stone magazine and you'll notice that while it appears as if Rihanna is wearing a pair of torn jean shorts, they're actually painted on.

I'm not sure who the lucky individual was that got this job, but from a purely "non-pervert" perspective, they did a fantasic job. I mean really, look at the detail. The tattered fabric hanging down her leg, the shadowing, and the colors make it look like she's really wearing a pair of skin-tight shorts.

This issue won't be available until Friday and Rolling Stone is being tight-lipped about what is discussed in the interview (as they should be since they're in the business of SELLING magazines), but if you squint really hard you'll see that Rihanna opens up on such topics as sexting and what draws her to "bad boys". For more on this story, visit our sister-site, PopCrush.com.