According to my internet sources which are ALWAYS (wink) 100% reliable, wild girl Rihann's entourange members turned on the tub faucet at Rihanna's £2,000, (or roughly $3,100 USD) a night suite at The Savoy in London.  Apparently they got so caught up from partying that they forgot to taps off before they left to go CHECK OUT! They running joke around the hotel was that the staff should have brought their "UMBRELLAS"! Rihanna's spokeperson issued an apology to the hotel and the Savoy graciously laughed it off, but I bet the hotel staff that had to CLEAN ALL THAT UP wasn't too happy about it at all. I've known people and heard story about people who trash hotel rooms purpose, just to make it hard for the staff, - not me personally of course, (minus a few towels here and there)! I guess when you get to a certain level of rich, some people start not to care about the work other have to do to clean up their messes, literally and figuratively!