Rihanna was in Australia promoting her big screen debut in Battleship which has already been released in Australia, but won't see the light of day here in the states until May 18th for whatever reason. As part of her promotional tour, she sat down for an interview with one member of a popular morning TV show team to talk about the film and other movie projects possibly in the works. But when the conversation turned to her always-in-the-spotlight love life, she (or one of her "handlers") decided the interview was over.

The interview gets off to a strange start before the first question is even asked. Recapping her success as a singer, the host refers to her as a "diva" which judging by the expression on her face, Rihanna isn't sure if she should take it as a compliment or an insult. From there the conversation gets on track as they discuss Battleship, as well as the possibility of Rihanna playing not only Whitney Houston's role in a rumored remake of The Bodyguard, but playing Houston herself in a possible biopic about the singer.

Then the host asks about Rihanna's rumored hook-ups with Ashton Kutcher and the current status of her relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown. That's when the mood turns on a dime.

Now check out Rihanna's big screen debut in the newest trailer for Battleship.