The Evansville Police Department (EPD) is giving the community a chance to live vicariously through one of their own during the first ever Virtual Ride-Along on Twitter.

The idea of a ride-along isn't new, as the department has given everyday citizens like you and I to hop in officer's cruiser and see the city through their eyes for a few hours. It's something I've always wanted to do as I have a few good friends on the force, but just never pulled the trigger on so to speak.

The virtual ride-along is a concept the EPD is borrowing from other cities and towns. It allows a countless number of people to see what the officer on duty sees, without the possibility of putting themselves in harms way.

The virtual ride-along will happen this Thursday (March 14th) with Officer Steve Hicks as he patrols the west side. According to a representative with the EPD I exchanged a few Facebook messages with, Officer Hicks, will tweet information about each run he participates in. Pictures and interaction with followers may also take place depending on the situation. Since it wouldn't look good if an officer was tweeting and driving, Officer Hicks will be assisted by the department's Public Relations Officer who will be physically riding-along.

If you're a Twitter user, follow @VirtualEPD on Thursday to be part of the action.