Drunk before you know it, you will be.

26-year-old Barton Gilley is graduate of LSU and apparently a big fan of Star Wars. During a tailgate party before a home game two years ago, a buddy jokingly suggested the idea of building a beer dispenser that resembled everyone's favorite voice-less droid. The intriguing idea stuck with Gilley, a sculpture major during his days at the University, so he went home and got to work.

The first incarnation in 2010 was nothing more an upside down Weber barbecue pit that served as the robots domed head, complete with lights, beeps, and a motor that allowed it to spin on top of an actual keg. It wasn't until 2011 that Gilley decided to complete his masterpiece by building the body and adding the feet. After fixing a few glitches discovered along the way, his work of art was complete and worked the crowd effortlessly during the Tigers home opener this season.

By the looks of the video, the "R2-DBrew" uses some sort of sensor to know when a cup is placed under the tap and continues to pour until the cup is pulled away.

In an interview with Chris Mahr of Yahoo! Sports, Gilley says he's received requests by others to build animatronic kegs for them and wouldn't mind being able to do something where he could "build stuff all day". If he can figure out how to make a C-3PO butler, or better yet, an actual light saber, count me in.