As a parent, I have sat through my fair share of children's songs. But none of them went anything like this.

"Where Will I Go When I'm Dead and Gone?" is a song by Peter Alsop, a musician who, according to the biography on his website, holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology, has released 22 albums and 7 DVD's, and has won numerous awards from Parent's Choice and the Association for Independent Music.

Along with the many songs he's recorded specifically for children, Alsop also writes songs for adults that are geared to help them address sensitive issues with their kids such as sexuality, addiction, and coping with loss. Examples include, 1997's "Gotta Lot of Livin' to Do" which is supposed to provide inspiration on having friends with AIDS and includes lyrics such as:

Could I get AIDS?
That’s hard to do
But some kids have it
Yes, that’s true
Where’s the AIDS?
It’s in his blood
What if he bleeds?
We patch him up
’Cause AIDS won’t let his blood cells fight
So I shouldn’t touch his blood?
You’ve got that right!!

There's also his 1975 song, "Stuck on You" that deals with the dangers of being addicted to inhalants and includes a verse that says:

You got hooked on model planes
But that was just the start
Then plastic cars and boats and trains
Replaced me in your heart
I gave you my last Duco tube
The kind that overflows|
But you wouldn't save a 'sniff' for me
Y'just jammed it in your nose!

Then there's 1987's "Where Will I Go When I'm Dead and Gone?". A song (and video) featuring kids singing lines like:

Hey, maybe you could dress me up
And keep me around
Sit me in your kitchen chair
Then if you got lonely
And you needed someone,
I'd be right there!

Truth be told, when I first watched the video I found it a bit on the disturbing side. But as I've written this blog and shared lyrics from other songs, I see what Alsop is doing. He's helping parents find a creative way to deal with issues that are difficult to discuss. However, it doesn't make this video any less creepy.