My family and I were able to score Evansville Otters season tickets this year. Tickets that put us in the second row along the third base line for any home game we can make it to. On our first trip, my son and I brought our mitts in hopes of snagging a foul ball to take home. Unfortunately (and at the risk of looking a gift horse in the mouth), our seats are right behind the visitor dugout separated from the field by a safety net to keep us from getting hit in the face by the same ball we hope to take home. Oh, irony, you are a wicked bird indeed.

One young fan at a recent game between the Houston Astros and the San Diego Padres didn't let a little thing like a safety net, or the lack of a mitt for that matter, stop him from taking home a souvenir. Take a look as the ball sails over the safety net and into his popcorn bucket, snatching it away from an adult also looking for a take home memento.