Every morning when my alarm goes off, and I climb out of bed, I am greeted by my two cats, Sophe & Boo. They are usually sitting on the bench in the bedroom staring at the bed because the alarm has gone off, and they know that when my feet hit the floor it's time to eat. Every morning it's the same thing. They'll linger in the hallway, waiting for me to take the first of the stairs, and then they bolt to wait for me at the bottom of the stairs. They will then circle and cry while they lead the way to the bag of cat food, and while my eyes are still half closed, I scoop food into their bowls. Boo is usually so excited that she will dive into whichever bowl was the last one to make noise as the food falls into it. I normally have to redirect her to HER bowl so that Sophe can get in on the action too. No matter how many times I go through this in the morning it is always comical to me. However, neither of my cats get so excited that they do handstands!!