Does Psy have another "Gangnam Style" in him?

Like any song to reach the upper echelon of internet fame (see "Baby" from Justin Bieber & Ludacris or Rebecca Black's "Friday"), Psy's "Gangnam Style" has been the focus of a great deal of criticism...  It was also a bona fide HIT last year and STILL is the MOST viewed video in the history of the internet!  Psy has been very vocal about not wanting to be a one-hit wonder.  He has even teamed up with Justin Bieber's School Boy records.  He has officially released his second single, "Gentleman."  Like "Gangnam Style" before it, it is partially English.  Take a listen to Psy's second single right here!  WARNING: THERE IS SOME LOST-IN-TRANSLATION PROFANITY IN THIS SONG