A Satanic Temple in New York has proposed a statue of Satan be erected next to a privately funded display of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. We asked for your feedback and you can read some of the feedback now.

A Ten Commandments monument was erected at the Oklahoma Capitol in 2012. Now the Satanic Temple has formally submitted an application to build a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan as Baphomet - Goat head, horns and all. The statue would also have a couple of children standing next to it as well. There is currently and active lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union to have the Ten Commandments removed.

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Here are our thoughts:

The Rob:

I'm going to look at this from a strictly LEGAL point of view. This is not an issue of whose religion is "right" and "wrong." I've spent a lot of time and resources educating myself on America's Freedom of Speech in college while attending Penn State University studying Communications. The problem, legally, is actually not the statue of Satan being erected... The problem LEGALLY is the placement of the Ten Commandments statue that is currently residing on public property. While I personally find neither statue offensive (well, that Satan one IS pretty creepy), if you're going to allow one religion's statue on public property, you can't deny somebody else's. This same thing happened in Evansville a few months ago with crosses on Riverside Drive. While I don't think many people found them offensive, when other religions were denied the same right, a huge can of worms was opened... And the crosses had to be moved to public property. So, in conclusion, from a legal standpoint, I predict both statues will be coming down when it's all said and done.


Thanks to our founding fathers we are free to practice any religion (or none at all) that we choose without threat of prosecution. Separation of church and state exists to protect our constitutional right to freedom of religion. The whole point is essentially to not choose sides. The government should not endorse any one religion when it clearly states that we have the right to CHOOSE our religious practices without interference from the government. By placing a statue of the Ten Commandments at the capitol, the government took a side. With that being said, when the Ten Commandments were placed at the capitol, it opened a whole big can of worms because of our religious freedoms. If you put one, you have to put all - or you don't put any. I highly doubt that the Satan statue will end up being built, but I won't be surprised when the Ten Commandments are removed.


I honestly think that they are just trying to prove a point that if one group can publicly display their beliefs, then any group should have that right. Although the statue and what it stands for is kind of terrifying, they do seem to have a valid point. I wouldn't want Satan displayed in my community, but I would wan't my religious beliefs to be considered, just like everyone else's.

The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals asked on Facebook what you thought, and here is what you had to say:

Ryan Pfefferle I would find it somewhat distasteful personally, but it is their right to have such a statue up. This is also why I personally dislike any religious monuments or markings in public places - first there's one, then two, then before you know it, there's twenty, then two hundred and so-on.

Daisha Rene Nelson Jesus already defeated Satan so I don't see the point. Why would anyone want to support evil anyway?

Lindsey Nicole Freedom of religion...if one religion is being displayed all others should be able to request being displayed as well. Its just like the issues we had earlier this year with evansville not approving the crosses on the riverwalk...& obviously Christianity is much more widely accepted compared to this situation. If this were a Christian church requesting a cross there would be people protesting for it to be placed there, just like we had businesses lined up to display the crosses. This is different than what the masses believe but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be fair.

Bryan Walters Because EVERYONE believes in the ten commandments.....you know there are more than 4,000 different religions in the world...

Jimmy Denton They are only trying to prove a point...

Steven Henning It's SO bad that it may be the best thing, those standing side by side. It's like the old Black Sheep song "You can get with this or you can get with that".