According to, President Obama followed up on his promise to the daughter of a September 11th victim. Payton Wall wrote a 1,500 word e-mail to President Obama about her fathers death on September 11, 2001. She also asked if there was a way she could meet her favorite pop star, Justin Bieber. After reading her e-mail, Obama set up a meeting between Payton, her mother, her sister, Ashley, and her best friend, Madison, whose father was also died on 9/11, and Bieber. The group met Justin last week during the pop star's stop at Macy's in New York's Herald Square to promote his new fragrance, Someday. Even though Obama was not there in person, a cardboard cut out took his place for the evening.

Payton told the New York Post, "It was so cool. I couldn't even believe it". Payton was also shocked that Obama had wrote her back. "I never thought he'd respond. I was so shocked when the White House called! It was all a dream come true." Payton also said that she did not write the letter just to meet Bieber, "I did it to honor my father. My father is the reason that we all came together today. I miss and love him and don't go a day without thinking about him."