Somehow I don't think that pretending to be a brain eating zombie in Miami is a safe prank to pull. In fact, it almost got one guy shot.

There's been a lot of talk about the Zombie Apocalypse lately. It all started a couple of weeks ago after a man high on a chemical stimulant known as "bath salts" attacked a homeless man, and was shot & killed all while eating the homeless man's face. This was only the first of several cannibalistic attacks involving the drug.

A couple of pranksters in Florida decided to stage their own zombie attack & film it. Everyone that they are terrorizing looks absolutely mortified with fear. Most everyone runs away scared, but around the 2:00 minute mark in the video one guy doesn't run away without pulling out a handgun first!

Lesson: Flesh eating zombie attacks are no laughing matter! Mmmm... Brrrraaaaaiiiiiinnnnnssss!!!