- by Nikki Davis

When I found out I’d be meeting the one-and-only Tiffany at Boogie Nights, I felt immediately transported back to my grade school days singing into a hairbrush, belting out “I think we’re alone now…” What I didn’t realize that in the time since she started out in malls and had hit singles in the Eighties, she’s slowly but surely had been building a name for herself as a country artist in Nashville.

Upon first introduction, I could see that Tiffany was a down-to-earth and as sweet as could be. She shared that her live performances are upbeat and exciting. She then went on to say that she was back to writing and working on the next album after Rose Tattoo, which was released in 2011 and her eighth studio album. Not only that, she is also working with the SyFy channel on another potential project (noting that she starred in the previous SyFy movies Mega Piranha in 2010 and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid in 2011). She’s a huge Syfy fan!

So let’s go back to Tiffany now singing country. First off, MIND BLOWN but hearing her on stage, you realize that her voice would be unmistakable no matter what genre she’s singing. To find out more on the back story, I learned that she was originally from California, but in the Eighties moved to Nashville in the hopes of becoming a country singer. Instead, she became a pop superstar.


Fast forward then to a few years ago when she, her husband, and her son put roots back down in the Nashville area. She started working with local songwriters and performing at low-key events. She eventually wrote the songs that became Rose Tattoo, and according to her website, she is happy to be reconnecting with the reasons that she fell in love with country music in the first place.