Earlier today, I was making my usual "Daddy" rounds through the house, making sure my boys aren't getting into stuff they aren't supposed to or just plain haven't KILLED each other yet. When I went to check on my 12-year-old who was watching Youtube videos on his PS3, I caught him watching a cartoon video that had more profanity in it than an episode of the SOPRANOS!

I immediately made him turn it off, and told him not to let me catch him watching stuff that above his TV rating limit, which I have set to TV PG-13! Although I know some stuff will slip through the cracks, but I DO think the Parental Control or V-Chip setting on the TV's now a days help parents control and monitor what our kids watch.

There's only so much blame we can place on the networks if we as parents aren't doing OUR parts to shield our kids from inappropriate material.

Cast your vote in the POLL and let me know if you agree or disagree with the use of Parental Controls to monitor your child's TV watching.