There are few worse feelings in the world than when you accidentally hurt your own child. Or any child for that matter. For example, my 7-year old son and I were wrestling around and I accidentally poked him in the eye...pretty hard. It was an innocent mistake. I was trying to defend myself and before I knew, one of my fingers had found it's way directly into his eye. I pretty much had the same reaction this mom did when she unintentionally got a little rough during a trip to the park.

Things start out simple enough, mom and son enjoying a sunny day at the park with the little boy kicking a soccer ball around while dad films the fun for the family movie archive. Things take a quick downturn when mom decides to play along by channeling her inner Mia Hamm and launching the ball right into her son's face from about 3 feet away.

I think a soccer team just found a new person for some position on the field! (Soccer's not really my thing.)