I think it is safe to say that Pitch Perfect was one of the best movies of last year. So it is probably no surprise that Universal announced that they would be releasing a sequel sometime in 2015. None of the stars from the original, like Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, or Britney Snow, have been confirmed for the sequel yet. Kay Cannon, who wrote the original film, is set to write the screenplay once again.

'Pitch Perfect' was made on a 17 million dollar budget, and brought in a huge 112 million dollars worldwide. On top of that, the soundtrack sold over 630-thousand copies and even led to Anna Kendrick's single, "cups."

Personally, this is one sequel that I can't wait to see. I can still watch the original on repeat, and it never seems to get old. As long as they somewhat stick with the original cast, I think the sequel has the potential to be another hit for Universal.