Pitbull and Chris Brown recently performed at the Univision's Music Awards and you would not believe that this guy just won a grammy! During the performance, it almost seemed like Pitbull forgot the lyrics and started mumbling incoherent syllables while trying to hold the mic close to his mouth.

Chris Brown's performance was on the opposite end of the lip-stink scale. Instead of using the mic as a mouth shield like Pit, Chris held his mic almost 2-3 feet away from his face! I knew he had a strong voice but, really? Then to top it off, or bottom it out, Chris stopped lip-syncing all together for a few moments so he could concentrate on his spinning jump off one of the platforms.

I know life on the road, performing night after night can be taxing and singers, but if you're gonna lip sync, at least make it look like you know the words to your own song!