I normally don't wake up when my wife's alarm goes off at 5:30am, but today was obviously different. While there wasn't much more than rain happening at my house on the North Side, the storm sirens were in full force. We turned on the TV to hear that a tornado had touched down south of Mt. Vernon and was heading toward Evansville. Off to the basement we went.

Fortunately, my family and I (and most of Evansville from what I've seen) were spared from the worst the storm had to offer, but unfortunately our neighbors in Newburgh and parts of Henderson were not so lucky.

Before coming into the station, I drove into Newburgh to see what, if any, pictures I could take of the damage. Police and sheriff's deputies had several of the roads in and around the downtown Newburgh area blocked off to allow rescue crews to do their jobs. I was able to find a small apartment complex to park in and went through the neighborhood on foot to see what I could find.

After a few blocks of wandering aimlessly and hoping I could remember where I parked, I found Outer Grey Rd. where unfortunately for the people who live there, some extensive damage occurred. As you'll see in the photos below, one house is missing its entire roof, while half of another is caved in. Just down the street, a trampoline from the backyard of one of the houses in the neighborhood leans against a telephone poll in shreds from the tornado's destruction.

If there's any positive news to come out of these events, it's that as of right now there were no injuries. While replacing homes and belongings will certainly be difficult for those affected, a life is something that can never be replaced.

If you have any pictures you'd like to share, e-mail them to me, or post them on our Facebook page.