If you are not familiar with micro-chipping, it is a rather painless, quick process that involves implanting a chip the size of a grain of rice.

That little piece of technology could literally save your pets life. If your pet were to be lost or stolen,

that chip can be scanned by animal control, a Humane Society, or veterinarian and will provide your contact information, essentially reuniting you with your lost pet.

As a service to the people of the Tristate, the Humane Society of Henderson County is offering a micro-chipping clinic today beginning at Noon. For just $25 you can have piece of mind in knowing that your animal can be returned to you if lost or stolen.

If you have questions, contact Joshua Cromer at jtcromer@hshcky.org, or Misty Payne at mpayne@hshcky.org.

Humane Society of Henderson County KY

203 Drury Lane

Henderson, Kentucky 42420